14U AAA Select Baseball

Spring Season Fee ◊ Only $800*


*Projected fee. Does not include uniform fees for new players


Local Tournaments

Coaches with College Baseball Experience

Fall & Spring Seasons

North Austin Practice Field & Batting Cages

Winter Workouts

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The coaching staff has a practice plan for every workout. Each practice is organized, efficient, and fun. As a result, the Diamond Baseball Club players are developing their skills and learning the game of baseball.
— Diamond Parent

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What Do I Get?

Diamond Gear

◊ Practice Jersey

◊ Saturday Game Jersey

◊ Sunday Game Jersey

◊ Diamond Baseball Cap

◊ Pre-Game Hoodie

◊ Diamond Logo Helmet Sticker

Diamond Essentials

◊ North Austin Practice Field

◊ North Austin Batting Cages

◊ Workouts at Indoor Facility on Rain Days

◊ Online Player/Parent Portal

◊ Online Payment

◊ Mid-season Player Evaluations

◊ Diamond Kinetics Swing Tracker Analysis

◊ Video Analysis with Hudl Technique App

◊ Players/Coaches Group Chat with Development Content


Fall Season

◊ 15-20 Practices

◊ 2-3 Scrimmages

◊ 5 Tournaments

Winter Workouts

◊ Light Throwing to Rest Arms

◊ Conditioning

◊ Speed Training

◊ Hitting Stations

Spring/Summer Season

◊ 25-30 Practices

◊ 2-3 Scrimmages

◊ 8 Local Tournaments

◊ 1 Travel Tournament


We couldn’t be more happy with the team. The coaching has been exactly what we were looking for and our son has really enjoyed being a part of the team. We look forward to our son’s continued development in both character and skill.
— Diamond Parent

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The Diamond Way


Team First

◊ We strive for individual player development, but always within the context of the team.

◊ Every team member, no matter their role, contributes to the success of the team.

◊ We constantly ask this question: "What can I do right now to help my team win?"

Have a Mind for the Game

◊ In addition to the 5 physical tools of the game there is a 6th tool that all well-rounded baseball players must have: a mind for the game.

◊ We will exercise and develop our minds for the game of baseball as much as we do our bodies.

◊ We will use our minds to play baseball with discipline: never giving up, being aware on the field, displaying self-control, and always responding well to both failure and success.

Relentless Hustle

◊ We believe that hustle magnifies the skills of a player. Hustle enables players to play the game at a level that is beyond their ability.

◊ Our hustle is constant and unending.

◊ Hustle doesn't require speed, talent, or skill. Just a strong desire to prepare and compete with maximum effort.

Little Things are Big

◊ Winning is not something you "do". Winning is the big result of doing all the little things right.

◊ We focus on little details of the game that many teams don't think about.

◊ Our approach to player development has a strong focus on the fundamentals of all aspects of the game: swing mechanics, approach at the plate, fielding, defensive strategy, pitching mechanics, pitching strategy, catching, and base running.

Excellence in Everything

◊ We set high standards for ourselves and extend grace to each other when we come up short.

◊ Wins and championships are earned only through hard work in practice.

◊ We approach the game with a mindset of continuous improvement.

The Person You Become is More Important Than The Player We Develop

◊ Young men of strong character can be developed through the game of baseball. Our players will learn leadership, teamwork, respect, self-control, and hard work.

◊ We will play the game of baseball with integrity. Never breaking or bending a rule to gain an unfair advantage.

◊ We will treat all teammates, coaches, parents, opponents, umpires and tournament officials with respect and sportsmanship.


Coaching Staff


Aaron Unnasch

Coach Aaron grew up in Austin where he played youth, high school, and college baseball. In high school, Aaron played 2nd Base and Pitcher and earned All-District and All-CenTex honors. After a successful high school career and showcasing his talent on the Baseball Academy of Texas select team at state and national tournaments, Aaron earned a baseball scholarship to Concordia University Texas to play under legendary head coach, James Keller. Aaron pitched 4 seasons in the Tornados' starting rotation from 1996-1999. He graduated from Concordia in 1999 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. His youth coaching experience includes coaching teams with the Texas Rattlers Select Baseball Program. He is a member of the Baseball Board at Town & Country Youth Sports. Aaron lives in North Austin with his wife, Jennifer, and their 3 boys, Caden, Rylan, and Boston.

Assistant Coaches

Jason Foyt

Gabe Rupertus

Success on the Field

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2019 Spring Season

#1 Hunter Thompson ◊ Hutto HS

#3 Rylan Unnasch ◊ Anderson HS

#5 Jake Brown ◊ Round Rock HS

#8 Eliott Stickler ◊ Round Rock HS

#9 Caleb Moore ◊ Westwood HS

#14 Gavin Foyt ◊ Vandegrift HS

#17 Luke Rupertus ◊ Westwood HS

#25 Alan Jordan ◊ Vandegrift HS

#27 Tyler Tietz ◊ Round Rock HS

#28 Luke Brandes ◊ Westwood HS

#32 London Lindsey ◊ Mcneil HS

#34 Ridge Morgan ◊ Westwood HS


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Your Program Have a Practice Field and Batting Cages?

The Diamond Baseball Club has a practice field and batting cages located in North Austin at 13450 Briarwick Drive, Austin, TX 78729. It is an ideal location for players in the areas of North Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, and Pflugerville.


What are your practices like?

Diamond Baseball Club practices are organized and efficient to get the most out of the team practice time together. The coaching staff enters each practice session with a documented practice plan which includes a mix of pitching, catching, infield, outfield, hitting, and base running topics. Each practice is a blend of teaching time and drills that are setup to maximize reps and minimize 'standing around' time for our players. Practices include activities that our players are likely to experience when they move on to high school baseball such as flat ground pitching, bullpen sessions, scrimmage activities, infield and outfield fungo, position specific drills, and hitting stations. And finally, our practices are fast-paced as we want them to be as game-like as possible.

is this a Travel Baseball Team?

The Diamond Baseball Club plays mostly local tournaments in the Austin area. The team does travel to one regional tournament at the end of the Spring/Summer season. The single travel tournament will be in a Texas city such as Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio.

What is your program's view on pitcher arm safety?

As a former college pitcher, Coach Aaron, along with the rest of the coaching staff are very mindful of pitcher arm safety. We track pitch counts for all pitchers, are careful about back-to-back pitching appearances on consecutive days, and ensure proper rest. We minimize throwing during Winter Workouts to give off-season rest to player's arms. We would rather miss out on a win or a ring than hurt a player's arm or jeopardize a player's ability to play baseball at higher levels.

How much does The program cost?

It is the goal of Diamond Baseball Club to offer a high quality baseball experience that prepares players for high school baseball at an affordable cost. We are able to offer a program that is much more affordable than most select baseball programs because we do not operate to make a profit, we have a volunteer coaching staff, access to a practice field and batting cages, and play in local tournaments. Season fees for the Fall 2018 season will be $500.

What ages qualify for Diamond Baseball Club?

Any player who is 14 on May 1, 2019.

We will also consider players who are 13 on May 1, 2019 if they are interested in playing on the 60/90 field in preparation for high school baseball.

What type of player is Diamond Baseball Club looking for?

We are looking for experienced select baseball players who have personal goals to play baseball at the high school level or beyond.

What is the classification Level of your team?

We plan to compete at the 14U AAA level for the Fall 2018 season.


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